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Aircraft Rental

We have top-notch aircraft with state of the art avionics ready for your rental needs.  All of our aircraft are IFR certified, yes even the 150, to help you build hours at the most affordable price in the country. 


Victory Lane Aviation offers a one of a kind community environment. Here you can explore your interests in aviation while networking, learning at your own pace while building what was once a dream to fly!

Becoming a Pilot

We are excited for you as you begin your aviation journey or pursue additional ratings. Whether your objective is to fly leisurely or professionally, we have the instructors and the resources to develop a customized plan to help you achieve your goals. We will focus on your personal goals, be flexible to your schedule, and cognizant of your budget.

What you need to know:

Victory Lane Aviation maintains a Part 61 school. We are willing to work with students at all levels of experience in order to help earn your wings to fly!

You must provide these documents before starting your training:

  • Driver’s License (if applicable) or government-issued ID
  • Birth Certificate with a raised seal OR Passport

You must also submit: 

  • A Victory Lane Aviation Signed Rental Agreement
  • A completed Credit Card on File Form

There is no minimum age to start training; however, you must be 16 years of age to solo an aircraft and 17 years of age to qualify for a Private Pilot Certificate.

To achieve a Student Pilot Certificate, you must attain a third-class medical certificate. Click here to find an Aviation Medical Examiner approved to issue third-class medicals in your area (http://www.faa.gov/pilots/amelocator/). Once endorsed by our instructors, you may begin soloing. Once you have amassed 10 hours of solo flight time, and 40 hours total hours of flight time, you must pass a written examination as well as fulfilling all flight requirements. Finally, you must pass a check ride with a designated examiner. Your Private Pilot Certificate will never expire. In order to keep current, you must complete a flight review every 24 calendar months. Our flight instructors can provide this service as well.

Interested in getting some additional ratings and endorsements?

We have paired with some local partners willing to offer competitive rates in great aircraft to aviation enthusiasts who are interested in getting some additional training in different types of aircraft.

Whether it is for the passion and excitement, the additional rating requirement, or both. These aviators are top-notch and offer a great service that is sometimes hard to find!

Ever wanted to go up in one of the first trainers ever to take the skies?

Legacy Biplanes, owned and operated by Brian Rosenstein, has partnered with us to offer High Performance and Tailwheel endorsements in a 1943 Boeing Stearman Open-Cockpit aircraft.

He is also offering aerobatic introductory flights and spin recovery training to those thrill-seekers who are seeking the experience or just a good time!

This unique one of a kind experience is available to you at a fair market value competitive priced packages or hourly rates based here at KJQF through our partnership.

Contact him at https://www.legacybiplanerides.com/

 What we offer:

  • CFII/CFI rating
  • IPC
  • Bi-annual flight reviews
  • General proficiency checks
  • Safety pilot or instructor for your own aircraft
  • Ferry Flights
  • G1000 Check-out or proficiency (ask for other avionic options)
  • Spin training
  • MEL/MEI (through our partners)

For MEL add-on ratings and hours, Carolina Copters, owned and operated by Russell Platt Jr. is offering Multi-Engine instruction in a Beechcraft Travel Air.

He also offers helicopter rides over the CLT area or the Charlotte Motor Speedway!

Contact him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and visit his website www.carolina-copters.com.

Based here at KJQF, it is a great airport, aircraft, and instruction easily available to our customers who want to complete that MEL rating.

What's involved?

Discovery Flight:

Ever wanted to take a lesson on flying but not sure if it is for you? Come take a Discovery Flight with us and learn what it takes to fly.

Includes a Pre-flight briefing, Aircraft Inspection, and 30-minute flight with our Certified Flight Instructors (CFI).


Looking to have some bugs worked out on your current equipment, upgrading old equipment, or a full panel replacement?

North Carolina's Premier Regional Airport

The Concord-Padgett Regional Airport is located just 15 minutes northeast of the central business district of Charlotte.

Aviation Maintenance

We provide maintenance on planes for business or private use.

Parts & Sales

As dealers, partners, and service centers for multiple aviation companies, we would like to pass our discounts and competitive parts pricing on to you.

Contact us for competitive quotes on purchasing your aviation parts needs.

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