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Aircraft Rental

We have top-notch aircraft with state of the art avionics ready for your rental needs.  All of our aircraft are IFR certified, yes even the 150, to help you build hours at the most affordable price in the country. 


Flight Instruction

Victory Lane Aviation offers a one of a kind community environment. Here you can explore your interests in aviation while networking, learning at your own pace while building what was once a dream to fly!


Looking to have some bugs worked out on your current equipment, upgrading old equipment, or a full panel replacement?

North Carolina's Premier Regional Airport

The Concord-Padgett Regional Airport is located just 15 minutes northeast of the central business district of Charlotte.

Aviation Maintenance

We provide maintenance on planes for business or private use.

Parts & Sales

As dealers, partners, and service centers for multiple aviation companies, we would like to pass our discounts and competitive parts pricing on to you.

Contact us for competitive quotes on purchasing your aviation parts needs.

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