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Victory Lane Aviation provides top-notch aircraft with state of the art avionics and all the tools you need to accomplish your aviation goals. Whether you are looking to advance your license, or fly leisurely, we are here to help get you in the right path.

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Aircraft Rates

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Tail Number: N117TS Type: Cessna 150J

Rates: $130.00/hr - Wet $55.00/hr - Instruction

Equipped with Aspen E5 and Avidyne 440 GPS, this aircraft is the Cheapest IFR rated aircraft available to you to build those crucial hours for your instrument rating or even commercial! Owning the aircraft yourself would not allow for it to be operated so cost-efficiently, we take care of the storage, maintenance, taxes, registration, and insurance giving you the most basic cost of operation in a turn-key solution.


Tail Number: N110SQ Type: C172S

Rates: $195.00/hr - Wet $55.00/hr - Instruction

Our 2006 180hp Cessna Skyhawk SP is the class of the high wing 4 seat trainer, recreational aircraft market. Equipped nicely with leather interior, Garmin G1000, and a KAP 140 Auto Pilot with Altitude Select, this plane will make that relaxing day trip a pleasure to be flown in. Easy to fly and low fuel burn make this perfect aircraft for all your flying needs.

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Tail Number: N8410L Type: C172I

Rates: $165.00/hr - Wet $55.00/hr - Instruction

Our reliable 1968 150hp Cessna Skyhawk is the perfect trainer and most affordable high wing aircraft in our fleet. Equipped with brand new interior and avionics panel with ADS-B OUT and IN, Avidyne IFD550, and IFD440 stack up as well as an Aspen E5. This aircraft is a very comfortable and affordable easy to use IFR aircraft. Easy to fly and very low fuel burn make this a favorite of new and seasoned pilots alike. With a $135/hr wet rate, you can afford to learn to fly on a budget.

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Tail Number: N2386R Type: PA28-180

Rates: $165.00/hr - Wet $55.00/hr - Instruction

Our 1970 Piper Cherokee 180 is a classic low wing design, that is nicely refreshed for modern flying needs. Updated Leather interior and a quality attractive new exterior paint make this plane a joy to fly and be seen in. This plane features a state of the art Garmin GTN 650 touchscreen WAAS-equipped GPS and current Navigation database for IFR flying and training. 180hp and a generous 10gph fuel burn make this plane the choice of many recreational flyers, as well as those aspiring to fly with a state of the art WAAS equipped GPS.

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